About Us


I have visited both small laboratories in remote areas and large high-tech laboratories in large hospitals, realizing that they all have one thing in common: daily challenges in patient treatment and disease diagnosis. I take great pleasure in meeting new people and mastering these challenges with them together, learning new things and making reliable partnerships on a professional and human level.


In my experience, if you really want something, the way to achieve it reveals itself almost spontaneously. In January 2018, I founded the company LabRaum GmbH, which took over the Friedrich Glanz GmbH. Friedrich Glanz has a very long tradition in the Austrian laboratory reagents market and has been active in this business area since 1952. Through this step, we were able to continue and expand our highly esteemed and long-term partnerships with our customers throughout Austria as well as with our suppliers.


“Tradition goes modern!”

The vision of LabRaum GmbH is to become a stable company, providing jobs for enthusiastic visionaries who will work happily in a team and transfer that positive spirit to our customers.
Our customers should feel our appreciation and know that we take their challenges personally. The products we select for our customers should meet one or more of these criteria:

  • Easy to handle
  • Innovative
  • Be a relief in the laboratory day
  • High-quality


While reading dinosaur books with my children, I learned that dragonflies were among the first insects on earth. Although the enormous dinosaurs came and disappeared, the small dragonfly survived them all. Of course, it has evolved and adapted to its surroundings, but is still present today. And it just so happens that it is also very beautiful!In Japan the dragonfly represents: strength, luck, light, joy and victory (which includes the victory over oneself). I like to see these positive qualities embodied in our logo and always express this attitude outwardly.

I look forward to hearing from you and hope we get to know each other soon!