Deal Of The Month

Deal Of The Month

Omega Diagnostics Ltd: Leader in Food Immunglobuline G Testing

Omega Diagnostics Ltd. offers a range of diagnostic laboratory tests related to food intolerance, gut health and well-being. These tests are intended to support health professionals as well as individuals who want to make sound health management decisions.

Food intolerance ELISA

The Food ELISA kits are a series of enzyme immunoassay (ELISA) tests for the measurement of food-specific IgG antibodies in human serum or plasma. Kits contain reagents that are ready-to-use and color coded to ensure accurate reagent use. The assays require minimal pipetting steps, making them suitable for manual processing, but can be easily automated if a larger number of patient samples are to be screened.

Food Intolerance POC Tests

Food Detective® measures IgG antibodies that can be linked to inflammatory conditions in the body and manifest in a range of health issues.

Available tests:

Food Detective Professional
Food Detective Professional
109 Food IgG Mediterranean Kit
109 Food IgG Mediterranean Kit (10 Pack)
40 Food IgG ELISA Kit
22 Food IgG ELISA kit
5 Food IgG Screen ELISA Kit