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CerTest Biotec’s „VIASURE“ Real Time PCR Kits

CerTest Biotec SA, the expert in POC rapid tests, has developed its own Real Time PCR line. At first glance, is seems to be just an ordinary open real-time PCR kits for common paramters, but …

don’t judge the book by its cover!


  • Validated for all popular open QPCR instruments
  • Suitable for manual processing, but can be easily automated
  • Tests: Respiratory, Gastrointestinal, STD and Tropical Panel

How flexible?

  • 1- 94 samples in one run
  • Monoplex, Multiplex or Hyperplex
  • Any composition of the parameters in one run (also combining RNA and DNA!)
  • Manual or automatic pipetting
  • In house validated for: ABI, Agilent, Bio-Rad, Roche, Qiagen, Cepheid, DNA-Technology and many more QPCR instruments

How simple?

  • “Ready to use” / lyophilized reagents
  • Same PCR protocol for all kits
  • Lyophilized – transported and stored at room temperature
  • Minimum 12 months expiration date

Who guarantees all that?

  • Sensitivity, specificity and reproducibility – tested internally and externally – analytically and clinically
  • Validated according to ISO 13485
  • CE marked

Are you interested?

Ask us for a demo or samples for testing:!