Fujirebio / SERODIA®

The Japanese manufacturer Fujirebio has been our business partner for as many as 43 years. Since then, our still satisfied customers have been using the SERODIA® – Particle Agglutination (PA) products, especially the famous Syphillis test kit, Serodia® TP-PA, which is used either for screening or confirmation. Also popular is the Mycplasma pneumoniae PA test, which measures IgG and IgM.

Fujirebio has more than 50 years of experience in the discovery, development, manufacture and worldwide commercialization of robust in vitro diagnostic (IVD) products.

Historically located in Japan, with the deep-rooted culture of excellence, Fujirebio has been shaped over the years by the successful integration of international IVD players such as Centocor Diagnostics in 1998, CanAg Diagnostics in 2006, and Innogenetics in 2010.

CerTest Biotec / Viasure

We are very proud of our fresh partnership with the spanish manufacturer CerTest Biotec, which is world famous for its immunochromatographic rapid tests. We look forward to bringing Certest’s new product line: Viasure Real Time PCR Test Kits to the Austrian customers.

The reason we started this partnership is our belief that these Real Time PCR tests are really special. “Super flexible, outstandingly simple!” In the „sea“ of open PCR kits on the market, this product line is definitely an eye-catcher. We have personally convinced ourselves of the professional manufacturing process and the thorough internal and external QC for these products at their super modern premisses near Zaragoza.

Cerest Biotec, S.L. is an independent biotechnology company dedicated to the development and manufacture of IVD diagnostics in human medicine.

The company was founded in 2002 in Zaragoza as an innovative and technology-oriented company. The growth of the company is based on the development of new products and the search for new market niches and opportunities. The key to their success is the way they understand their organization: highly specialized and customer-focused.



Omega Diagnostics

Our partnership with the scottish manufacturer Omega Diagnostics Ltd. started in the early 1980’s. Complementary to the FujiRebio Syphillis Test, we have often sold the Latex Agglutination Test for RPR or VDRL from Omega.

Omega Diagnostics Ltd. specializes in the research, development and production of kits for the diagnosis of autoimmune and infectious diseases, and the detection of food allergies, with a total of 3 sites in the United Kingdom, offering clinicians and the general public a selection of CE-marked tests for these conditions.

Meanwhile, Omega is focusing on food intolerance IgG testing and we are happy to support this trend in Austria.



Eurobio ingen scientific

Since we are in contact with a large number of research laboratories and sometimes it can be of interest to our routine customers, we are constantly looking for manufacturers who can offer good “basic” life science reagents.

euriobio ingen is our first partner in this category!

Eurobio was founded in 1962, as a forerunner of “Made in France”.

Since 1989, the production site has been located in Les Ulis, in the industrial area near Paris, which meets all modern ISO and environmental standards to ensure the production of cell culture reagents, molecular biology and biomedical diagnostics.

“Mastery through experience” is the „leitmotif“ of Eurobio.

We offer our customers in Austria their high quality reagents for: cell biology, molecular biology, immunology and immunohistochemistry.